Late night on BBC News


I made my first BBC News appearance since the election last weekend – the night of my wedding anniversary (kudos, and thanks, to the family for that…).

It was an interesting selection of headlines which I reviewed with The Sunday Times Education Editor Sian Griffiths.

The Independent’s James Cusick had the most impressive splash, revealing that David Cameron – in all likelihood – will call the EU referendum for June 2016.

Making this announcement at the Conservative conference later this year, it seems a shrewd and clever move – capitalising on Labour’s leadership chaos and also the conciliatory mood in Brussels after Greece’s departure that never was.

I have, until now, done the paper reviews on Sunday morning. This was the first time doing the Saturday night spot twice in one night. The 40-minutes in between sessions where you have time to flesh out your thoughts is really helpful.

You might see the difference in the two broadcasts, which will remain Iplayer for the two weeks or so:

Saturday 25 July 10.45pm: here.

Saturday 25 July 11.30pm: here.


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